Shaving Cream Clean Cut

Shaving Cream Clean Cut

144,00 DKK

A pure natural product for both men and women. Relieves redness and reduces skin irritations.

It can be used for all skin types both on body and face and is especially good for sensitive skin. Massage the shaving cream into the skin with your hands. The cream doesn’t foam and functions as a protective layer. Shaving Cream is an effective and gentle product for traditional wet shaving.

The cream protects and moisturises your skin and leaves it soft and saturated. It will suffice for many shavings and extends the life span of the razor. Aftershave is not necessary after shaving with Clean Cut Shaving Cream.

  • Description


    – Cucumber
    – Camomile
    – Nettle
    – Gum Arabic
    – Tomato seed oil (eliminates free radicals)
    100 ml

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