YAZ Vitamin A – Face Mask – 200ml (Persian Mud)

YAZ Vitamin A – Face Mask – 200ml (Persian Mud)

360,00 kr.

Facemask Persian Mud
Facemask with minerals from the Persian subsoil. It has a cleansing, peeling, tightening, and moisturising effect.

It can be used for silk peeling by letting it sit for 10 minutes after which it is gently rubbed off. It can also be used as a mask, as occasion requires, by letting it sit for up to an hour after which it is removed with a damp cloth.

In addition it can be used morning and evening with water as a daily cleanse of the skin and as make-up remover. Use one half of Persian Mud and one half of Bye Bye Dry Shampoo in wet hair as a hair treatment and let sit for 15 minutes before the hair is rinsed out.

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    – Cucumber
    – Myrtle
    – Camomile
    – Nettle
    – Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)
    – Gum Arabic
    – Ziziphus
    200 ml

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