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Yaz Styling
A sensational styling cream that replaces four alternative products. In towel dry hair Yaz Styling functions as foam and hair care and helps close the hair’s cuticles.

In dry hair it functions as a gel since it has a stiffening effect. The cream is heat-shielding up to 210 °C, which corresponds to curling iron, flat iron, and hair dryer.
Yaz Styling can be reactivated up to a day by wetting your hands and hugging the hair. It gives the hair gloss, volume, and strength without leaving the hair greasy. Suited for fine, straight, and curly hair.

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  • Description


    • Works as a foam and hair care for wet hair
    • Works as a jelly for dry hair
    • Is moisturizing and heat-protective against curling irons and straighteners
    • Does not leave hair greasy
    Suitable for all types of hair: normal, colored, gray & curly
     Dosage and use:
     In towel-dried hair, Yaz Styling works like a foam and a hair care.
     In dry hair, it acts as a jelly with stiffening effect.
     Heat protector
     up to 210 °C, which is equivalent to the temperature of curling iron and hair dryer.
     Yaz Styling can be reactivated
    up to 24 h, only with wet hands and hugging hair.
     Further information
     Yaz Styling is suitable for all types of hair and uses very easy. It contains a large amount of minerals, which can protect hair from drying and prevent hair cracking.
     YAZ Styling Repair & Protection
    It contains some unique herbs, which can protect hair from heat caused by blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener.
     YAZ Styling Repair & Protection
    It protects hair from sunlight, salt water, and frost. Looks natural and Not greasy.
     YAZ Styling Repair & Protection can repeatedly be used to restyle or refresh hairstyle. Just moisturizing hands with water and styling hair. The effect can be remained up to 1 day after apply.  For optimal effect, it is recommended to use YAZ HAIR SHAMPOO
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