Shampoo Bye Bye Dry

Shampoo Bye Bye Dry

149,00 DKK

Shampoo Bye Bye Dry
Nourishing shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Recreates the hair’s natural volume and gloss and balances the sebum production to prevent an oily scalp.

Use Bye Bye Dry Shampoo every three days and let sit in the hair for three minutes. That gives the herbs time to strengthen and repair the hair roots.

The shampoo is however so mild that it can be used daily, but it is not necessary. It can also be used as a hair treatment by mixing one half of Bye Bye Dry Shampoo with one half of Persian Mud in wet hair and leaving to sit for 15 minutes. Preferably wrap the hair meanwhile.

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    – Cucumber
    – Myrtle
    – Camomile
    – Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)
    – Nettle
    – Ziziphus
    – Gum Arabic
    200 ml